Linda Graham has always had a passion for art and creativity although this was put on the back burner whilst she brought up her four sons and focused on healing and spiritual development. After many years dedicated to serving the community serious illness brought her activities to an abrupt halt. During her long recovery she started to paint again and rekindled her passion. Almost immediately Linda started to channel paintings.

Linda who is a spiritual teacher, Reiki and Seichem Master swiftly became aware that her paintings had a powerful healing vibration coming from them. This even included all of the prints and hand finished cards. So if you purchase an original painting you will find along with the beautiful visual quality the healing vibration is very strong. All of the hand finished prints on canvas also have a powerful healing vibration.

Along with her channelled art work are landscapes and scenes of life that have captured Linda's eye and she hopes that you enjoy them. Commissions for murals taken.

You will also find that the hand finished cards have healing warmth and each one has its own unique vibration and Linda says which ever image you are drawn to is the right one for the recipient in mind.

Linda lives in Suffolk, England and is also an astrologer, clairvoyant, spiritual opening medium and tutor for Indian Head Massage.